Orphan Sunday

Sunday, November 4 is Orphan Sunday. This video is about the beginnings of this international movement. So often we in America think we have the answers to the world’s problems. This story shows how God so often works otherwise. There is so much wisdom and right thinking and excellent theology and gospel in this video. Take time to watch it. It will be 30 minutes well spent.

Click here to watch this video:  Orphan Sunday-Zambia 2012


For Orphan Sunday at First Pres, we rejoiced in God’s faithfulness over the last year, celebrating:

-3 children coming home

-God’s faithfulness in being able to help several families fundraise and supply urgent financial needs

-sending supplies and tricycles to the Josephine House in Cusco, Peru

-Hosting the Foster Care Summit in conjunction with DFACS and Bethany Christian Services

We are also looking forward to exciting upcoming events:

-Lunch on November 18th-informational sessions about hosting and trips, raise funds for the Medlins, and hear their story about God leading them to their son in South Africa.

-Working with Homes of Hope, International to host orphans this summer here in Augusta.

-Arranging travel with Visiting Orphans to several orphanages this summer.

Check back for more details!

Until there are no more,

Minus 1 Orphan Ministry